S/M “How Do I Hear From God” ?

A Thought for God’s Word

How Do I Hear From GOD”?

Ask For An Assignment

I assign to you, as my Father assigned to me, a kingdom. (Luke 22:29)

 So often people ask, “How do I hear from God?” If the truth be told, we hear from God all the time. The problem lies in the fact that we don’t know for sure if it is God who is speaking. Sometimes we know it is God, but we refuse to listen because we don’t want to respond.

If you are sincere about hearing from God, start each morning by asking God for an assignment for the day. Stay in prayer until He gives you one. Then carry it out. This priceless practice will help you hear God’s voice. WARNING!: The assignment might not always be one that you yourself would have chosen. But know that any assignment God gives you will be one that is for your own good.

You might not be able to distinguish God’s voice from the other two voices that you will also hear (
Satan’s and yours
). God’s assignment will never go against God’s word. God’s assignment will not always appeal to your flesh. God’s assignment will stretch you out of your comfort zone. God’s assignment might not have instant results. God’s assignment will bring glory to God and not to you or to Satan.

It might seem strange when you first begin to get daily assignments from God, but if you continue in this discipline, you will become more comfortable. The more obedient you are to God’s initial gentle nudgings, the more direct the assignments will become. Also, if you refuse to carry out an assignment, God will not give you another one until you do. How sad it is that some people are stuck in the past because they put an assignment on hold ten, fifteen or even twenty years ago.


Remember that assignment God gave you that you ignored? Remember the time God gave you a specific task and you refused to do it? The bad news: You will not grow and develop and be totally at peace until that task is completed. The good news…The task is still assigned to you. It is still listed by your name on God’s ledger. God is waiting for you to complete this particular assignment so that He can give you bigger and better things to do.

What if you don’t ask for daily assignments? You will not grow spiritually. You will not prosper. You will never have inner peace. You will remain stuck in this moment.


So, if you want to grow spiritually and be all that you and God want you to be, then ask for an assignment, thank God for it, and complete it so that you can move on to something else.