Scope and Outreach of our Work.



It is impossible to measure the intangible accomplishments of our Convention, but we proudly point to the following that relate to what we set out to do from the beginning:


1. New bodies have been added and we anticipate more.


2. A greater fellowship among Deacons has emerged over the state.


3. Deacons and Deaconesses have gained better knowledge of their task and our members have become greater assets to the churches.


4. Our affiliation with the National Baptist Deacons Convention, Women’s Auxiliary and Youth Department has created a unity of purpose, which runs from local groups all the way to the national level.


5. Our Convention provides leadership on local, state and national levels.


6. To make our workshop-consultant available to local groups for training organizations.


7. This organization gives two scholarships annually. The scholarships are awarded to qualified persons. Applications for individuals may be submitted to the Scholarship Committee by any church that is active in this organization.